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FREEDOM RIDGE Development Updates

October 8, 2023

The FREEDOM RIDGE Team in Tennessee is making great progress on the infrastructure development of this amazing community, below are some of the latest highlights.


Road Grading has begun in preparation for laying the gravel.


Installation of the Utility Poles has started. The Utility Poles will carry overhead Power & Fiber Optic High-Speed Internet Lines. This will enable you to have High-Speed Internet via Hard-Wired Ethernet Cables and/or WiFi without the need for connections to Satellites or Cell Towers. This will enable you to stay connected while in Nature and work remotely when needed.

1st Utility Pole Installed at FREEDOM RIDGE

For Questions or To Purchase This Property, Please Call or Text LANDIO Anytime at: 866-8-LANDIO (866-852-6346)


FREEDOM RIDGE has NO HOA, Assessments, Covenants or Restrictions.

You can Build a Cabin, Dream Home or Live in Your RV.


There were existing roads, but some new roads were needed. The new roads have been bush-hogged and they are preparing to lay gravel.


ALL 42 Lots have successfully passed their Perc Tests.

What is a Perc Test?

A Perc Test, short for "Percolation Test," is a soil test used to determine the suitability of a piece of land for the installation of a septic system or other wastewater disposal systems, such as leach fields or absorption trenches. The purpose of the perc test is to assess how quickly water is absorbed or "percolates" into the soil at the proposed site. This information is crucial for designing an effective and environmentally sound wastewater disposal system.




42 Tracts in Tennessee

NO Covenants

NO Restrictions


NO Minimum Dwelling Size

NO Time Limit to Build

NO State Income Tax

You Can Use the Properties Recreationally As Long As You Like, Use it Seasonally or Live There Full-Time.

For Questions or To Purchase This Property, Please Call or Text LANDIO Anytime at: 866-8-LANDIO (866-852-6346)

Imagine waking up to birds chirping in the trees and the sun peeking over the rolling hills of Northern Tennessee. This spacious subdivision in Stewart County near Clarksville, TN, has it all—wildflower meadows, mature hardwood forests, and towering pines for year-round beauty.

With NO HOA, Covenants or Restrictions, FREEDOM RIDGE feels like home in nature. Connect with the Land, Your Inner Self and Those You Love. This gently-developed subdivision supplies privacy and showcases the natural landscape, while still providing access to modern amenities.

More Freedom & Land Opportunities
Nothing beats living with the Land. As the name suggests, FREEDOM RIDGE creates the Opportunity for you to fully express your Land Dreams. Build a Custom Home, a Tiny Home, Live in an RV or use the Property Recreationally.

From traditional custom homes to alternative living, working, and recreational spaces (yurt, guesthouse, studio, tiny home, container home, RV, tent, cabin, vacation rental, etc.), you have ample room to dream and design. Or, simply keep it as-is to enjoy and put some of your wealth into the ground.

Livestock, hunting & fishing (with a license), ATVs, camping, horseback riding, and farming are all possible at FREEDOM RIDGE.

Deer Haven Road is the main road that provides access throughout the subdivision. Some interior roads are in the process of being created.

ALL Tracts will have Private Driveways with Power & Internet running along the Roads.

Hunting & Fishing
Whether on your own property or a nearby public hunting area, Northern Tennessee is an excellent region for seasonal game hunting of whitetail deer and wild turkey. Find hunting locations and license/permit info here.

The subdivision is just 5 miles from the Cross Creek NWR Boat Ramp. The creek feeds into the 688 mile historic Cumberland River that has long supported riverboat trade and travel. Today, it draws many hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts to its thriving waters and banks.

Massive striped bass, rainbow and brown trout, walleye, sauger, and catfish flourish within the river. Clarksville is another recreational access point along the Cumberland River. Find fishing tips and Clarksville Marina info here.

FREEDOM RIDGE is also 40 minutes from Kentucky Lake, which winds along the Tennessee River. Kentucky Lake is known for trophy-winning largemouth bass, bluegill, redear, crappie, and catfish. Get more info on Kentucky Lake fishing here.

Outdoor Recreation
If you’re yearning for more adventure away from home, Kentucky Lake, Land Between the Lakes (LBL), and Lake Barkley are all less than an hour from the subdivision and provide thousands of acres of land and water to play, relax, camp, boat, hike, and more. Book a guide or plan your own adventure. Learn more about Tennessee’s best outdoor recreational gems here.

Necessities & Places to Visit
For necessities, Indian Mound is just a few minutes away, which has a post office, grocery stores/food market, restaurants, churches, schools, and professional services.

About a 30 minute drive from FREEDOM RIDGE, Clarksville has all the modern amenities, resources and supplies that a family needs, while maintaining a sense of small-town charm.

Clarksville has a population of around 170,000. In Clarksville you will find a Hospital, Home Depot, Lowes, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Professional Services.

Fort Campbell is 29 miles from the FREEDOM RIDGE and is home to the 101st Airborne. Fort Campbell Supports the 4th Largest Military Population in the Army (and the 7th Largest in the Department of Defense).

The Cumberland River is the heartbeat of this historic town. Stroll along the River Walk, attend a concert at Dunbar Cave State Park, float the Clarksville Blueway, enjoy over 20 miles of walking and biking paths, visit the Farmer’s Market, or learn about the town’s rich history. In addition to modern retailers and amenities, Clarksville has a vibrant arts and museum district and charming downtown. From pizzerias and breweries to steakhouses and bakeries, Clarksville is well worth the trip. Get to know Clarksville here.





Lot 1  •  5.2 Acres +/-  •  $84,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 2  •  9.3 Acres +/-  •  $154,997 includes Water Well Installed

Lot 3  •  4.3 Acres +/-  •  $74,997

Lot 4  •  4.2 Acres +/-  •  $74,997

Lot 5  •  4 Acres +/-  •  $72,997

Lot 6  •  5.2 Acres +/-  •  $84,997

Lot 7  •  4 Acres +/-  •  $89,997 includes Water Well Installed

Lot 8  •  3.2 Acres +/-  •  $57,997

Lot 9  •  2.9 Acres +/-  •  $52,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 10  •  3 Acres +/-  •  $52,997

Lot 11  •  2.9 Acres +/-  •  $52,997 (SOLD)

Lot 12  •  2.7 Acres +/-  •  $47,997

Lot 13  •  2.9 Acres +/-  •  $52,997

Lot 14  •  4.1 Acres +/-  •  $69,997

Lot 15  •  3.8 Acres +/-  •  $67,997

Lot 16  •  2.5 Acres +/-  •  $44,997

Lot 17  •  3.4 Acres +/-  •  $59,997

Lot 18  •  2.5 Acres +/-  •  $44,997

Lot 19  •  3 Acres +/-  •  $69,997 includes Water Well Installed

Lot 20  •  3.1 Acres +/-  •  $54,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 21  •  6.6 Acres +/-  •  $104,997

Lot 22  •  5.4 Acres +/-  •  $84,997

Lot 23  •  6.3 Acres +/-  •  $99,997

Lot 24  •  8.5 Acres +/-  •  $124,997

Lot 25  •  13.8 Acres +/-  •  $189,997

Lot 26  •  7 Acres +/-  •  $104,997

Lot 27  •  3.5 Acres +/-  •  $60,997

Lot 28  •  3 Acres +/-  •  $52,997

Lot 29  •  3 Acres +/-  •  $52,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 30  •  4.1 Acres +/-  •  $84,997 includes Water Well Installed

Lot 31  •  3.8 Acres +/-  •  $67,997

Lot 32  •  3.1 Acres +/-  •  $54,997

Lot 33  •  2.8 Acres +/-  •  $50,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 34  •  2.4 Acres +/-  •  $44,997

Lot 35  •  2.5 Acres +/-  •  $44,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 36  •  3.3 Acres +/-  •  $58,997

Lot 37  •  2.5 Acres +/-  •  $44,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 38  •  3.5 Acres +/-  •  $60,997

Lot 39  •  2.3 Acres +/-  •  $43,997 (SOLD)

Lot 40  •  5.1 Acres +/-  •  $79,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 41  •  5.4 Acres +/-  •  $84,997 (PENDING SALE)

Lot 42  •  4.5 Acres +/-  •  $75,997 (SOLD)


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