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November 22, 2023

The LANDIO Brand

 Over the past 7 Years, LANDIO has grown into one of the Most Followed Real Estate Brands in the entire World.

LANDIO’s growth on Social Media has outpaced the biggest names in the Real Estate space, even though many of these companies have been in business for decades and got their start on social media nearly a decade before LANDIO ever created an account.

Humble Beginnings

In 2014, Founders Tory & Natalie Watson rediscovered the seeds of LAND DREAMS that were planted in them by their Fathers & Grandfathers.

Once they determined that they were going to commit their lives and livelihoods to the LAND Business, they needed a name for their company.

Tory & Natalie called upon their combined 50+ Years of Marketing & Sales experience to create the name, LANDIO.

LANDIO is an abbreviation for LAND IS OPPORTUNITY.

The company’s namesake is an acknowledgment to Our Creator and the Laws of Nature.

LAND provides us with the building blocks of everything we need to function, survive and thrive.

LAND is the oldest and most foundational asset class on Earth.

Under every Home, Office, School, Church, Roadway, Tree and Blade of Grass…there is LAND.

For Two Years, Tory & Natalie embarked on a real estate adventure to better understand how the industry operates, the people involved, the roles they play, the challenges they face, what they do great and where failure is continually their fate.

Blast Off 🚀

In 2016, after nearly 2 Years of research and experience, Tory & Natalie launched

The initial purpose of was to present Vacant Land that Tory & Natalie had purchased across the United States. These were primarily rural properties at a lower price point.

Tory & Natalie had confidence in their ability to Give their Land a Voice and present the properties in an informative, engaging way.

In September of 2016, they Sold their 1st Property and have not stopped since.

With every small success, they reinvested into more land, improving their Property Presentations and began hiring a Team.

Fast forward to 2023 and they have completed over 1,000 Transactions across 22 States with a high-degree of Customer Satisfaction. You may view Video Testimonials from a handful of people who have purchased property from LANDIO on our TESTIMONIALS Page.

Despite LANDIO’s success, there were 2 Continual Requests that remained unfulfilled. These requests were:

When are you going to have more Properties Available on LANDIO?

How can I post my Property on LANDIO?

Growing Pains

In 2021, Tory reinstated his Texas Real Estate License and joined eXp Realty to work with Agents and Brokers through Referral Agreements.

This approach increased the number of Properties Available on LANDIO by as much as 10X.

However, the increased number of Available Properties also created 10X the Requests for More Properties and people looking to Post their Property on LANDIO.

The scalability of the process proved limiting and unfortunately there were multiple instances of the Referral Partner Agents, failing to uphold their end of the agreement and fulfilling their responsibilities.

The Invitation

After much prayer and professional counsel, we have launched a program that enables You to Post Your Property on and have it presented to our Global Audience of Investors, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Agents, Brokers, High-Net Worth Individuals, Land Dreamers and everything in between.

Our Goal is to make it Easy for You and the LANDIO Team to onboard Your Property.

We have settled upon a reasonable flat fee of $997 per Property.

For $997 Your Property will be posted in the AVAILABLE Section of and visible to everyone who visits our website.

Each Property You Post, will be assigned a LANDIO Property ID Number, in the format of 2 Character State Abbreviation_County Name_00000.

The 5 Digit Number at the end represents the Number of Properties LANDIO has Presented in that particular State & County.

For example, IL_Piatt_00001, was the 1st Property we presented in Piatt County, Illinois.

LANDIO will create an Individual Interactive Map for Each Property You Post, which will be embedded on Your Property Details Page.

LANDIO will also create a Satellite Map & Topographic Map Images, that will be included with the Property Images you provide.

There is no limit to the number of images you may provide, but each image will be manually reviewed for overall relevancy.

The $997 Property Posting Fee will keep your property on until it Sells or 1 Year from the Date the Property went Live on our Website, whichever is sooner. For Agents and Brokers, if the Listing Agreement Expires or is Terminated prior to the 1 Year time-frame, then the Property Presentation will be removed until Listing is extended or a new Listing Agreement is in place. If the Property has NOT Sold after 1 Year, perhaps a new approach or pricing should be considered.

After the 1 Year period, the Property Presentation may be extended for $497 per Year.

We realize there are other websites where you can Post Your Property for Free or less of a Fee. We encourage you to explore ALL options.

LANDIO has been built our reputation on providing informative, comprehensive and accurate information.

Each Property Presented on LANDIO goes through a verification process to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

To Get Started, Click the POST MY PROPERTY Button and complete the checkout process of your $997 Property Posting Fee.

You will then receive an email with a link to the Property Intake Form for You to Complete.

Once the Property Intake Form is completed, we will follow up with the next steps.

If you have any questions about the LANDIO Property Posting Opportunity, Please CONTACT US or Schedule a 5 Minute Call HERE.


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