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Brought To Tears

Brought To Tears
by Tory M. Watson

I had a conversation with one of customers this week about their experience of visiting their new property for the first time. Kevin purchased the property sight-unseen and provided a testimonial about his experience.

During Kevin’s testimonial he stated:

I felt so at ease just by watching the video that I had all the information I needed in less than 10 minutes. And I bought this property without going there. I bought this property sign unseen, because it was that detailed. And when we go there, I know it's gonna be better than what I've seen on the computer.

Kevin placed his $499 deposit to secure the property on Thanksgiving Day of 2018 and completed the purchase 9 days later.

Kevin and his wife live approximately 13 hours from the property they purchased and the first opportunity for them to see their new land was on Easter of 2019…nearly 5 months after they completed the purchase.

As they approached their new property in Colorado, Kevin’s wife was brought to tears by the breathtaking snow-capped mountains. And when they were leaving, Kevin looked over at his wife and she was brought to tears again.

Kevin and his wife had been seeking their future retirement land for a while before they found LANDiO. The time and energy we placed into presenting the property resulted in the perfect match. I am confident that Kevin’s land is happy to have him and his family as their new steward.

We hear from many of our customers that are also brought to tears by the wondrous beauty God has created that they now get to call their own.

We are sincerely grateful for all our customers and supporters. Please help us make more dreams come true by sharing this video with everyone you know.

Thank You & God Bless

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