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Veterans Day Tribute

We are honored to have a growing number of active duty and retired military service members together in the LANDiO Family of happy customers.

Nearly everyday we are in communication with some that has served our county and is actively looking to purchase land.

There is a common bond between having a deep appreciation for LAND and the commitment to protecting our HOMELAND.

My grandfather was in the Aleutian Islands when the Akutan Zero was show down during World War II.

My uncle Rick served a Special Forces role in Vietnam.

My father Joseph was in the Korean War.

Their service and experiences serving during these times of war shaped them and caused them to seek out a life of peace, tranquility and self reliance.

My grandfather August spent the majority of his life as a farmer. He created a self sufficient oasis with chickens, cows, a stocked pond and every imaginable fruit and vegetable that grew in the midwest.

My uncle Rick lived on a farm and owned hunting land in the midwest. He was an avid outdoorsman, archer and marksman. He had a huge collection of firearms and taught me how to shoot.

My father Joseph used the money he saved during his service in the Korean War to purchase his first parcel of timber land. By continually select cutting the mature tress and reinvesting the funds to purchase more land, he eventually acquired nearly 10,000 Acres of timber land in Missouri where I was born.

All 3 men have since passed. The fondest memories I have of them, and when they were most at peace, was when we spent time together out on the LAND.

To all of you who are serving and have served Our Country, thank you for protecting our HOMELAND.

From Myself, My Family and the entire Team here at LANDiO, we wish you a blessed Veteran’s Day.


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