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LANDiO Makes Everything So Easy...

David has been a designer in the fashion industry for more than 20 years. He was looking for land that he could use to express his creative design abilities and develop a house from the ground up.

For more than a year, David would continually check out the LANDiO website and view the VIP List emails he received.

One day David received a VIP List email about a new property. He began to immediately review the property video, images and description. David quickly determined that this property was perfect for him to fulfill his dream of designing a new home.

There was one problem, while David was researching the property, someone else had placed a deposit within the first 30 minutes of the property being posted.

David contacted LANDiO and placed a backup deposit in the event that the first Buyer was unable to complete the purchase.

Around a week later, the first Buyer that placed a deposit was unable to complete the purchase and David became the new Buyer.

Within a week David completed the purchase and became a proud owner of land.

Having purchased multiple homes and commercial buildings, David appreciated that the price was the price and that he paid NO commissions, closing costs or other fees.

David had this to say about his experience with LANDiO, “The beauty of LANDiO is how black and white the whole process is. LANDiO makes everything so easy. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. LANDiO takes care of all the other costs involved. So, what the price is on the website that’s what you pay and that’s it, you’re done”.

We are grateful to have served David in the purchase of his new property.

We welcome the opportunity to add you to the LANDiO family of happy customers.

You may view our current available properties below.

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