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40 Acres with Mountain Views bordering Public Land

Carbon County
40 Acres M/L
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Please reference the LANDiO Property ID: WY_Carbon_00040

Property Details

LANDiO Property ID
Parcel Size
40 Acres M/L
Carbon County
Monument Creek Road
42.350917, -106.768036
Parcel Number
Free & Clear
Current Zoning
Monument Creek Road
General Elevation
6,880 - 6,920 feet
HOA Fees
Warranty Deed
Well or Alternate Source
Septic or Alternate Source
Cell or Satellite
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  • Wyoming
  • 40 Acres M/L
  • Carbon County
  • Monument Creek Road
  • Alcova
  • 82620
  • 42.350917, -106.768036
  • Parcel Number
  • Access
  • Current Zoning
  • General Elevation
  • Terrain
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40 Acres with Mountain Views, Bordering BLM Land & Surround by Public Land near 3 Reservoirs, the North Platte River & Miracle Mile.

Info on the Pedro Mountain Mummy at WyoHistory.org

Access by 40 foot wide easements off Monument Creek Road.

Electricity Lines & Poles are located approximately 1.2 miles Northwest and 1 mile East of the Property.

Kortes Road is approximately 4.3 miles from the property to the Northeast. From there Kortes Road leads up to Highway 220 which then takes you directly to Alcova & Casper to the Northeast.

This parcel borders over 30,000 acres of BLM land and is surrounded by over 1 Million Acres of Public Land that includes Pyramid Peak and Heaths Peak.

Southern Wyoming's Carbon County is rich in wildlife. This property falls in the regions designated for the hunting of Antelope, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Mountain Lion, Pheasant, Sage Grouse and Wild Turkey.

The property is close to world-class fishing, water sports and outdoor recreation activities at the nearby Pathfinder Reservoir, Seminoe State Park, Seminoe Reservoir, North Platte River, Miracle Mile and Alcova Reservoir.

The Pathfinder Reservoir is approximately 6 miles from the property. Pathfinder is a 22,012-acre lake known for its massive size and colossal walleye, trout and carp. Pathfinder hosts numerous professional walleye tournaments during the summer months and one of Wyoming’s largest ice fishing derbies — the HAWG Ice Fishing Derby — during the winter.

Alcova Reservoir is another short 42 minute drive from the property. Alcova Reservoir hosts a variety of water recreation activities from water skiing and sailboating, to fishing for walleye and trout.

Seminoe State Park is surrounded by giant dunes of white sand, acres of sagebrush, thousands of pronghorn antelope and sage grouse, all under the bluest of Wyoming skies. Located 34 miles northeast of Rawlins, Seminoe State Park features the moon-like Seminoe Mountains and the Seminoe Reservoir, The reservoir is home to both trout and walleye. The park provides facilities for anglers, boaters, picnickers, campers and hikers. Seminoe has 180 miles of shoreline and is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Wyoming and the largest of the Wyoming State Parks system.

The world-famous Miracle Mile is actually a 5.5-mile stretch of the North Platte River fed by Seminoe Reservoir. It is an extremely fertile tailwater that offers anglers a chance to catch enormous trophy trout, and with approximately 4,000 fish per mile, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch the fish of a lifetime. This area is boatable but much more effective for wade-fishing.

There are several land owners nearby that have cabins, homes and ranches. Some of these land owners live here full-time, while others live here seasonally.

You can have up to 4 residential structures on this property. You can also use alternative buildings like tiny home, shipping container homes, barndominiums, earthships, straw bale, geodesic domes, mobile homes, manufactured homes, etc.

There are light covenants to protect the beauty of the area.

Excerpts from the covenants read:

All lands described shall be used. solely for the construction and occupancy of single family dwellings, and no more than four residential units shall be constructed, erected and maintained on each forty (40) acres. Each residence may be accompanied by no more than two outbuildings used for the main­tenance, storage and housing of vehicles, equipment and animals.

Trailers, mobile or modular homes and like residen­tial structures must be built and maintained upon a permanent concrete, brick or cinder block foundation with approved roof. Temporary buildings may be constructed and occupied on the premi­ses for not more than 180 consecutive days during the period of construction of acceptable permanent residence.

Trailers, mobile or modular homes, in addition to requirements for acceptability as herein stated, shall be skirted and tied down in a workmanlike and satisfactory manner. One camper mobile home or like recreational vehicle may accompany each permanent residence so long as the same is not parked on any public road and said vehicle is not upon the premises more than thirty (30) consecutive days.

Download the Covenants & Easements (PDF)

The Wyoming State Engineer's Office has a water well permit search tool that shows water wells drilled on nearby properties where the water depth ranged from 8 feet to 45 feet.

View Water Well Logs (Download PDF)

Wyoming Office of the State Engineer (Website)

Parcel Size: 40 Acres M/L

LANDiO Property ID: WY_Carbon_00040

General Elevation: 6,880 - 6,920 feet

Legal Description: NE1/4SE1/4: SEC 33 T 28 R 83

APN: R0013079

Property Taxes: $155.61 per year

Title: Free & Clear

Conveyance: Warranty Deed

Approximate Distance to Nearby Cities & Points of Interest

33 minutes to Alcova, WY : Population 75

36 minutes to the Pathfinder Reservoir (more info)

38 minutes to North Platte River's Miracle Mile (more info)

42 minutes to Alcova Reservoir (more info)

1 hour 10 minutes to Casper, WY : Population 60,000 (more info)

There is an International Airport in Casper, Wyoming about an hour from the property. The code for this airport is CPR. For more information, please visit their website at iFlyCasper.com

1 hour 26 minutes to Casper Mountain (more info)

1 hour 54 minutes to Rawlins, WY : Population 10,000 (more info)

2 hours 8 minutes to Seminoe Resevoir (more info)

2 hours 33 minutes to Bow River Campground (more info)

2 hours 44 minutes to Laramie, WY : Population 30,800 (more info)

3 hours 32 minutes to Cheyenne, WY : Population 91,700 (more info)

3 hours 38 minutes to Medicine Bow National Forest Visitors Center (more info)

3 hours 48 minutes to Fort Collins, CO : Population 152,000 (more info)

4 hours 50 minutes to Denver, CO : Population 650,000 (more info)

5 hours 19 minutes to Grand Teton National Park (more info)

5 hours 20 minutes to Yellowstone National Park (more info)

Visiting the Property

You are welcome to visit the property at your convenience while it is available.

The Interactive Maps are generated with MapRight. MapRight has a Free Apple and Android App which can be useful when visiting a property. Below are links to download the Free MapRight App.

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Interactive Map (View Map)

GPS Coordinates

Northwest Corner:  42.352792, -106.770448 (Google Map)

Northeast Corner:  42.35275, -106.765606 (Google Map)

Southeast Corner:  42.349166, -106.765579 (Google Map)

Southwest Corner:  42.349189, -106.770439 (Google Map)

Center Point:  42.350917, -106.768036 (Google Map)


Map of property

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