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58 Acre Peninsula on Trinity Lake bordering National Forest

Trinity Center
Trinity County
58.2 Acres
Under Contract
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Please reference the LANDiO Property ID Number: CA_Trinity_00001

Property Details

LANDiO Property ID
Parcel Size
58.2 Acres
Trinity County
Trinity Lake
Trinity Center
40.88128, -122.69836
Parcel Number
Free & Clear
Current Zoning
No Zoning
Trinity Lake
General Elevation
800 feet
$1,600 / year
HOA Fees
Warranty Deed
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  • California
  • 58.2 Acres
  • Trinity County
  • Trinity Lake
  • Trinity Center
  • 96091
  • 40.88128, -122.69836
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58.2 Acre Wooded Peninsula on Trinity Lake bordering the Shasta-Trinity National Forest on all sides of the property.

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is the largest National Forest in California. It encompasses more than 2,210,000 Acres and includes Trinity Lake, the Trinity Alps and Mount Shasta with an elevation of 14,179 feet.

This one-of-a-kind property puts you in the center of abundant fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation and water sports.

Trinity Lake consists of 17,280 surface Acres, is 19 miles in length and there are 145 miles of shoreline. The maximum depth is 416 feet.

Trinity Lake is known for having calm and ‘glassy’ waters, which make it ideal for water sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. It was previously known as Clair Engle Lake and is sometimes still presented as such on some maps.

Trinity Lake is a great area to relax and has fish for every kind of angler. Fish included here are Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Kokanee Salmon, the landlocked Chinook (King) Salmon, White Catfish, Brown Bullhead, and Sunfish.

Trinity Lake also holds the California state record for Smallmouth Bass, weighing in at 9lbs 1oz, as well as the state record for Brown Bullhead, which was 4lbs 8oz.

Game and Fish Magazine wrote an article about Trinity Lake, which can be found HERE

View the Online Fishing Guide for California on Trinity Lake HERE

You can view a detailed map of the lake outlining various water depths and facilities HERE

(Property is on South Half of Trinity Lake, just North of Feeny Ridge & Gulch)

The property is accessible only by boat, with the Trinity Center Public Boat Launch being only 6.14 Miles from the Property. The cost was $7 per day when we had last checked. There is no time limit for parking at the boat launch. (More Info)

In addition to the recreation offered on the lake, this land is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is a diverse area for wildlife and nature alike - according to the USDA Forest Service, this forest contains around 35 different species of trees and is mentioned to be a great area for deer & bear hunting.

More information on the species available for hunting in the area can be found HERE

Game and Fish Magazine also wrote an article regarding the bear hunting opportunity in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, which you can read in full HERE

The property is in Hunting Zone B2. Here are the various online resources we have gathered regarding hunting in Shasta-Trinity National Forest:

Hunting in Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Big Bar Area - Recreation Information

Hunting Maps (1, 2, 3)

The opportunity for recreation in the area is endless. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is also a well known area by many Mushroom hunters who enjoy to find their own fresh Mushrooms to pick.

A personal use permit for up to 20 pounds of Mushrooms is free, valid for 30 days, and available once per season.

Commercial Licenses for Mushroom Hunting are also available.

For more information regarding Mushroom Hunting in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, visit the USDA Forest Service Website HERE

In addition to those seeking fresh mushrooms, there also claims to be opportunity for those seeking places to prospect for gold in the area.

The property is in California Gold Region 6.

Due to the many gulches in the area where water runs off of the mountains into the Trinity Lake, this is said to be a very productive area for placer deposits.

Gold maps can be purchased for a fee HERE and HERE

A free Gold map resource has also been located HERE

Last but not least, the area is thriving with peaks big and small for trailblazers of all experience levels.

To the Northwest, in the Trinity Alps, you’ll find Gibson Peak, Siligo Peak, Granite Peak, Black Mountain, Caribou Mountain, Sawtooth Mountain, Mount Hilton and Thompson Peak.

Gibson Peak information HERE

Siligo Peak information HERE

Granite Peak information HERE

This property is also only 2 Hours away from the start of the trailhead to Mount Shasta, towering at 14,180 feet.

For more information on climbing Mount Shasta including Climbing Reports, visit HERE for the Forest Service Website and HERE to view Summit Posts entry on climbing Mount Shasta.

Parcel Size: 58.2 Acres

LANDiO Property ID Number: CA_Trinity_00001

Elevation:  800 feet

APN:  010-070-140-0


Property Taxes:  $1,600 / year

Title:  Free & Clear

Conveyance:  Warranty Deed

Approximate Distance to Nearby Cities & Points of Interest (Based on Trinity Center Public Boat Ramp - 6 miles by boat from the Property)

GPS Coordinates:  40.88128, -122.69836 (Google Map)

Minutes from the center of Trinity Center, California (Google Map)

Bordering Shasta-Trinity National Forest

16 miles to Alpen Cellars (more info) (Google Map)

1 mile to California State Highway 3

30 miles to Weaverville, California : Population 3,600 (Google Map)

51 miles to Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark (more info) (Google Map)

64 miles to Redding, California : Population 91,808 (Google Map)

73 miles to Redding Municipal Airport (more info) (Google Map)

95 miles to Oregon-California Border (Google Map)

131 miles to the Pacific Ocean : Clam Beach (Google Map)

226 miles to Sacramento, California : Population 495,234 (Google Map)

Visiting the Property

You are welcome to visit the property at your convenience while it is available.

The Interactive Maps are generated with MapRight. MapRight has a Free Apple and Android App which can be useful when visiting a property. Below are links to download the Free MapRight App.

Apple (Download App)

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Interactive Map (View Map)

GPS Coordinates

Northwest Corner:  40.880326053128, -122.703137684931 (Google Map)

Northeast Corner:  40.8836285241046, -122.694632963388 (Google Map)

Southeast Corner:  40.8792102291893, -122.694808118639 (Google Map)

Southwest Corner:  40.8789749520755, -122.702939986748 (Google Map)

Center Point:  40.88128, -122.69836 (Google Map)


Map of property

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